Overview Services

I am offering the following services:

  1. Get Your Success On track NOW – Foundational online course
  2. The OTM Challenge – 12 weeks group online program
  3. Focus Days  (individual sessions in house or online)
  4. Intentional Creativity Café / Meet Up – Monthly open cafe
  5. Time To Fly – High End highly individualized program for private clients/small groups –

Get Your Success On track NOW – Online course – Introduction to the OTM map and how you can use its 5 success principles to gain clarity & focus, feel energized and get the results that YOU want 


This is for you who feel stuck and and unsure of what next step to take …

(when you feel confused it’s impossible to make the best decisions) … 

For example, you really want to write your first book, or start up your micro-business but nothing much is happening because you really don’t know where to begin.

This course help you gain the clarity and focus that you need to move forward.

You will learn how to use the OTM leadership model and its 5 success principles to get the results that you want. This course includes the OTM workbook, as well as a 45 minutes strategy session with me, plus my e-book “Procrastination – 15 Strategies To Overcome Procrastination Today!”

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The OTM Challenge – 12 Weeks Group and Mentoring Program

In this program we are building upon the foundational Get Your Success On Track Now program in which you were introduced to the OTM Map and its 5 success principles and how to use it to get the results that you want.

The OTM challenge we are digging a little deeper and will be covering the 5 OTM success principles more in depth.

The emphasis is on building your success from a place of emotional well-being and relationship-management (I am a certified relationship coach and consider the relational part of business to be key for success).

Examples of topics we will be covering:

  • Daily self-care practices
  • Communication mapping (resources and tools to maximize your communication skills)
  • Un-covering the true stories of what is holding us back
  • Daily practices for getting into inspired action and get results without having to be perfect
  • How to establish support systems to help you feel better while getting great results

The OTM challenge is on the drawing board but we do have small group going.

If you are curious, and this is for you, please contact me to make an appointment for an interview to discover if this program is the right fit for you.

Focus Days /1:1 Sessions 

This is for you who feel confused and unsure of what to do next.

You are ready to dig a little deeper.

I invite you to come and work with me in person, in my home for the day.

You get to experience a relaxed & safe environment for you to identify what you need to do next.


You will walk away with clarity & focus & feel energized!


My specialty is to help you develop your own authentic (personal) leadership style, as a way to get to where you want to be in life.

I help you identify your core identity, as well as any barriers (e.g. limiting beliefs and old stories) that are holding you back.

As a certified relationship coach, I am a firm believer that your emotional and relational well-being is key to your success. I use a combination of relational skills, as well as intentional creativity and my signature leadership model OTM model with its 5 success principle to help you create your own breakthrough.

The OTM model, as well as Intentional Creativity (narrative story telling with brushes) and relational training, will help you achieve your desired goals in an organically and fun way. You will gain clarity and focus and feel energized.

You are welcome to drop-in for your Strategy Session – if at all possible I will make time for you the same day. We will be working in my home studio an I will provide lunch!

Examples of Focus Day Themes

  • Identify Your Next Step – Introduction to the OTM model and its 5 success principles as well as intentional creativity (IC) and how you can use it to grow your authentic leadership style. You get to be creative and do your own, unique roadmap for success.
  • Find Your Focus – Too many ideas? By using the medicine wheel, as well as IC and the OTM model, you will gain clarity and focus and be able to set intentions and goals for what you want to achieve – be that an overall vision for what you want to achieve this year, or smaller, specific projects.
  • Get It Done NOW – Bring your project, be that writing your first book or setting up your small business and I will guide you through out the day, so that you get your work done. There will be inquiries, examples. Journaling.

We will be working in my studio, during the summer you also get the opportunity to work in the garden where I have a large deck which is an awesome workplace – I provide homemade, organically food to keep you energized though out the day – we will also do a walk and talk so that your lungs gets filled up with fresh air clarity comes to mind – this day is reasonable prized, as I really enjoy supporting you …

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Intentional Creativity Café / Meet Up

This is for you who is curious about intentional creativity (IC), you will learn how to use IC as a way to develop your authentic leadership

The Intentional Creativity Café is open each third Thursday of the month from 6 pm – 9 pm.

The cost is DKK 75 – this covers all materials plus light refreshments.

I prefer to faciliate smaller groups and create a safe environment, usually up to 8 people pr. cafe.

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Time To Fly – High End Program for private clients

This is for you who feel stuck and am willing to dig a little deeper – you have probably done extended work already

This program is not for everyone. This is the real deep work, which will uncover any barriers that are in the way of your success.

We will be looking at the old stories, which are running your life by looking at your core identify as well as limiting beliefs.

I will help facilitate your unique and individual  process based upon my own inner work, as well as professional credentials.

I teach what I most need to learn, which means that I have walked any of the processes that I facilitate. My own journey began a long time ago, when some of the only available resources were Dale Carnegie’s book: “How To Stop Worrying and start living”.

Since then in have undergone numerous of trainings, which have all been great work. But what I find is that – in the end – its all a very individual process.

This means that there is no “one-fits-all” solution, which is why I have developed “Time To Fly” to help you make progress and live the life you want.

It is a constant learning process. Not easy but definitely doable and so well worth the efforts. This is something you can do by yourself but it helps very much to be supported by someone who know your challenges and can help you move forward.

I provide a very safe space for you to explore your own process at your own pace. You will have a lot of fun as well as we draw upon intentional creativity as one of the tools to help you break though.

If you stay with this program you will experience unprecedented break throughs.

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