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I am Certified as Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach as taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, USA. If you are wondering what Intentional Creativity (IC) is, you might want to look at IC as narrative story telling, with the added use of paint and brushes.

IC engages both sides of the brain which is proven to create innovative results.

I use IC to help unleash the stories within, which can be hard to address by the intellect alone . Once the stories gets released I provide you with solid planning tools that will help you develop your own authentic leadership and take it to the next level.

Examples of Workshop Services

  • Drop-in Café: Come work with me in my home studio for a day
  • Workshops: I offer group workshops from my home studio
  • Open creativity café, every third Thursday of the month from 6 pm – 9 pm
  • Workshops by request (for example in the corporate environment)

Examples of out workshop themes:

  • Visual Business Plans
  • Your Personal Story Cards
  • Artjournaling
  • The Medicine Wheel
  • House of the Heart (establishing health boundaries)
  • Individualized works themes

A workshop can last anywhere from 3 hours, to a week long program.

It all depends on your needs and wants, I am flexible, we can cook something up.

Drop me a line and let me know what you would like

Monthly Café, Every Third Thursday of the Month

Intentional Creativity Café and Workshops

If you would like to explore Intentional Creativity, you are most welcome to join me for Intentional Creativity workshop and café every third Thursday of the month.

This gathering takes place at my home studio from 6pm – This café is all about having fun with creativity and using story telling and inquiries as a way to boost your authentic personal leadership and self-expression.


Join us next time –  March 16 – and Create Your Own Set of Focus Cards 

We will explore how to use Intentional Creativity to grow your authentic leadership style  – we will use water color, glitter and glamour to create your own unique & awesome deck cards.

This time our theme is: Set Your Intention for the Spring!


Example of set of deck cards and cover.


You can choose any theme that you like to expand your authentic leadership.


My own theme is “Time To Fly” ….. ( I will tell you more about that when you join me in the café) …

Estimated Programme for the evening:

17.30:  Doors open. Have coffee and tea. Time to land.

18.00:  We begin. Presentation and a round of Red Thread

18.30:  Introduction + Inquiry + Basic painting

19:30:  Short break, homemade soup in front of the fireplace

19:45:  Watercolor, glitter and glamour – we make focus cards

20:00: Varnishing – group presentation & sharing

20:45: Round of completion – what are we taking away, what is the next step?

What you want to know about Intentional Creativity Cafés with Michala

We use a variety of materials depending on the theme, for example water colors, water color paper, acrylics, sharpies, pencils, journalling an so forth.

We also work with the Read Thread as a symbol of connection and to make sure that we establish a safe space  to express our creativity.

The Red Thread





You can join us by signing up at Meet Up Group, or call me at 29 82 63 96 to make a reservation. Costs: DKK 75 – inclusive of materials.

No experience needed. Intentional Creativity is about self-expression, not perfectionism.

Click here if to contact me for more information.