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This summit isn’t like any other summit have heard or seen.

We are women, who in our day to day lives are doctors, healers, therapists, artists, lawyers, writers, teachers, philosophers, visionaries and activists who have spent the past 6 months journeying together.



We have supported one another and co-created this summit, so that we could offer it to you.

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My own episode is, “Take Your Sacred Power Back” – co-hosted with Jullie Qvist on March 27.

Our focus is art journaling and we will be sharing our work with you, as well as give you a simple, yet powerful demonstration that will help you to take your sacred super power back.




A selection of unplugged photo shots from our session – I hope you can tell that we are 
all about keeping it real, simple and fun, yet we have very powerful teachings for you.




Hitting the Wall is a good Sign

When we are going through change, we will often hit the wall!

I know I’ve hit the wall many times myself.

Then one day I sat down and made this drawing. It occurred to me that even when we hit the wall, we still have a choice.

You can choose route one and return to the old stories, or you can dig a slight whole in the wall and continue on route 2, one step at a time.

That is not to say that there will not be ups and downs, of course some days goes more smooth than others. That’s life.

But the irony is, that it is quite often when we are making the most progress that we hit the wall.

We might think of it as (temporary) setback but in truth it is progression.

Some say that it is our ego that is scared and trying to protect us from the unknown territory on the other side of the wall.

All this is just to say that hitting the wall is actually a sign of progress.

So keep talking smalls steps towards your goals 🙂

Ps. I am in the process of creating a new course called “How to Create Your New Story with the OTM Map” helping you break though the wall through narrative story telling, stay tuned, or sign up for my newsletter.

You could also join my online course Get Your Success On Track now which will help you break through the wall. A 45 minutes OTM session with me is included.