Self-Care – OTM Success Principle # 1


ENERGY Management – OTM Succes Principle # 1:

It is no secret that extra sensitivity can quite often lead to stress.

What I have learned is that ENERGY Management means everything.

This is where self-care practices kick in.


My best tip for Self-Care is to underSTAND (support yourself in your sensitivity) and to plan as much as you possibly can around it.

As sensitives it is my own experience that we foremost need:

1) Extra down time to process our thoughts and feelings

2) Time alone for reflection, preferable in nature

3) Connection and purposeful activities with likeminded people

Of course, there is a lot more to be said about managing your energy but this would be my top 3 tips on top of my heart.

If you would like to learn more in depth tips for how to practice self-care and manage your energy, I encourage you to check out my online course Get Your Success On Track Now

You will find a whole module dedicated to self-care practices, as well as the opportunity for a 45 minutes OTM session with me, to ask any question you like and get insight into my many years of best practices for self-care.

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