The OTM Map™

The OTM Map™ – A Whole Brain Based and Creative Approach to Planning

“The OTM Map™ is a valuable tool that has helped me so much! It is clear and easy to use and I often come back to it when I feel unsure of what steps to take next. It reminds me of my vision and is a source of motivation. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to make their projects a reality!”  Rebecca Dumas

What is the OTM Map™?

Simply put the OTM Map™ is a highly innovative whole brain based, visual planning tool/map.

The OTM Map™ differentiates itself from other more traditional planning tools in that the OTM Map™ emphasizes your well-being as foundational to your success.

Who is the OTM Map™ for?
The OTM Map™ is especially well suited, if you are an entrepreneurial and creative woman, who often feel so confused and overwhelmed by your many brilliant ideas that you often don’t know what to do next.

Or you could simply be experiencing a lot of resistance in moving forward.

What Will the OTM Map™ Do For You?
Whether you feel confused, overwhelmed, or harbor a lot of resistance, the OTM Map™ and its 5 success principles will help you:

  • Gain the clarity and focus that you need to take the next step
  • Have you feel energized and engaged with a clear vision in mind
  • Prevent stress and burn by having a clear roadmap to follow

Why the OTM Map™ works?

  • The OTM Map™ is whole brain based, as well as creative and visual in its approach
  • The OTM Map™ is highly flexible and designed to meet your specific needs.
  •  The OTM Map™ considers your well-being as key to your success


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