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WELCOME TO MichalaStorm.Com

Hi! I am so glad you are visiting my website and I am looking forward to get to know you!

My passion is to constantly create new ways to help entrepreneurial women discover their right next step, so that they can create the results that the want.

If you like to work with me, you probably have 100 brilliant, bright ideas (SOS) but you often feel so overwhelmed by it all that you simply don’t know where to begin.

I will help you gain the clarity and the focus that you need, so that you can turn your ideas into reality, take inspired action, feel energized and leave procrastination to history.

Personally, I hate cookie-cutter systems, as they always left me feel even more confused.

That is why I have I have put into use my 15 years of experience as a heart based entrepreneur and created the OTM MAP which is designed to meet your specific need and challenges.

In case you haven’t noticed, I teach what I most need to learn.

(I have used the OTM map and its 5 success principles since 2010 in my own life, as a way to manage all of my projects, be that writing a book, setting monthly goals or doing vision work for my business).

My approach and lifestyle is based in heart based integrity, simplicity and simple living.

Besides being a “learning junkie”, sustainable living is really important to me.

Yes, I have a compost in my garden, I reduce, reuse and recycle as much as I possible can and absolutely love being in nature, breathing in the fresh air, looking up at the blue sky and watch the birds fly by.

As you can probably tell, I need to be around nature, so I live in a small, peaceful beach town north of Copenhagen, near Hamlet’s castle.

I can often be seen on long walks by the ocean, or in the forest and if my work resonates with you I also invite my clients to come spent the day with me.

The one thing I cannot live without?

That would be writing – don’t take my paper and pen away from me (yes, handwriting still beats typing, although it doesn’t go quite as fast) – I am an addicted journal writer and have been been obsessed with journal writing since the age of 7.

Besides writing, I use intentional creativity as a great way to make planning fun – all of my business plans are infused with creativity, colors, symbols and doodling. If that appeals to you, I can help you do the same.

I offer workshops from my home and customized focus days where you get to bring your challenges and work with me for the day. That may include walk and talks, painting in my home studio, journaling, or a visit to Louisiana, the nearby Modern Museum of Art.

Should you need lodging, I am also an AirBnB host and offer mini-retreat per request.

Workshops At The Old Cottage







About my professional credentials and trainings:

As I am a “learning junkie” I have been doing more programs than I would like to tell you (and what was good for my bank account at the time)  but for you to get the basic idea, I am originally trained as co-active coach by the Coaches Training Institute, and have since been certified as relationship coach by the Relationship Coaching Institute, as well as certified Dream Coach by Marcia Wieder.

My latest certification was in 2016 when I became a certified  intentional creative teacher, as taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. 

I also hold a journalism degree from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

I am the author of ”Procrastination – 15 Strategies To Overcome Procrastination Today!”

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Michala Storm