Intentional Creativity

Sometimes the best way to break though is to draw upon your creativity. 

IC is all about helping you create break through by using your creativity.

I have seen it over and over again with my clients.

The AHAs and the breakthroughs that happen once we engage both sides of our brain, could mean the difference between getting the results that you want, or not.

When we bring in creativity that is when things begin to shift, as you are no longer limited by your habitual thoughts and patterns.


For the sake of understanding IC what IC is, you might want to consider it “Narrative Storytelling with brushes and canvas.

Overview of Intentional Creativity (IC) Services

  1. Drop-in Café: Come work with me in my home studio for the day
  2. Open creativity café, every third Thursday of the month from 6 pm – 9 pm
  3. Workshops: I offer group workshops of up to 8 people from my home studio
  4. Workshops by request (for example in the corporate environment)

Please read below about the different IC services or contact me for more info

1. Drop-in Café: Come work with me in my home studio for the day

Bring your work and challenges to my home studio.

When you come to work with me, I will provide you with simple exercises that will have you use your creativity to break though.

You will experience big AHAs and I will help you create a plan so that you can act on your AHAs, so that you can get the results that you want.


We use tools such as paint, canvas, watercolors, story telling and journaling.

We will customize the day to your specific needs. If you choose to spend a full day with me, it may include walk & talks and homemade organically food.

Click here to contact me if you would like to come work with me

2. Monthly Café, Every Third Thursday of the Month

Intentional Creativity Café and Workshops

If you would like to explore Intentional Creativity, you are most welcome to join me for Intentional Creativity workshop and café every third Thursday of the month.

This gathering takes place at my home studio from 6 pm – 9 pm. This café is all about having fun with creativity and using story telling and inquiries as a way to boost your authentic personal leadership and self-expression.

We use a variety of materials depending on the theme, for example water colors, water color paper, acrylics, sharpies, pencils, journalling an so forth.

You can join us by signing up at Meet Up Group, or call me at 29 82 63 96 to make a reservation. Costs: DKK 75 – inclusive of materials to be paid at the door or by MobilePay.

No experience needed. Intentional Creativity is about self-expression, not perfectionism.

Click here if to contact me for more information.

3. Workshop and groups

Example of Workshop Themes

  • Plan Your Best Year – Make planning into a fun practice
  • Create Your Personal Story Cards – Use your personal story Cards to stay on track
  • Individualized works themes – Tell me what you need and I will customize a theme

A workshop can last anywhere from 3 hours, to a week long program.

It all depends on your needs and wants, I am flexible and will customize the length of the workshop to your needs.

Drop me a line and let me know what you would like

4. Workshops by Request

I also offer workshops for the corporate environment by request.

Examples of Workshops

  • Vision Day – how to create a compelling vision for the team
  • Setting Team Goals – how to set compelling goals for the team
  • The OTM Map as a team planning tool – how to stay on track with the goals

Contact me to let me let me know what you want

Why use IC?

There is plenty of scientific evidence out there that shows the benefits of engaging both sides of our brains.

If you draw upon the analytical part of your brain only, you will loose out on the solutions that the more creative part of your brain has to offer.

Using IC as a tool will help you engage both sides of your brain, which could very well mean the difference between getting the results that you want, or not.