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Get Your Success On track NOW 









This course is well suited for you who has taken advantage of my free gift and got familiar with the very basics of how you can use the OTM Map as a creative and holistic way to plan your work and get to where you want to be.

This course is for you who

  • Want to learn more about how to use OTM Map and its 5 success principles
  • Have a 100 brilliant bright ideas but am feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all
  • Need a clear yet creative structure + mentor support to get your work out there

You could also simply want to get a 45 minutes session with me, which is included in the course.

It is only USD 97 and you get to have all the benefits of this course, including video instructions, work book and my book “Procrastination”.



You could even use this course to jump start my upcoming course “Time To Fly – Create Your New Story With the OTM Map” that is if you cannot wait to begin and am looking to get the support of a mentor and group as well.








The TIME TO FLY online course is in the making, launch date  May 1, 2018

This course is especially for you who have either taken the Get Your Success On Track NOW course already, or you could want to dive right in and  learn how to use the OTM Map as an art journaling practice, as a way to create your New Story.

This course is for you who

  • Want to learn how to use the OTM Map for art journaling
  • Want to dig deep and create your news story through art journaling
  • Want to use art journaling as a way of self-expression and fulfillment

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If you are eager to begin you could simply sign up for my Get Your Success On Track Now online course, so that you get familiar with how to use the OTM Map, as well as a 45 minutes OTM session with me.