Happy New Year


Happy New Year to you all!

Looking forward to help you plan & process your work through the OTM Map, as well as intentional creativity and story telling.

Like  you can tell, I am not at all about perfectionism.

(If I was, I would never have posted this drawing to you.)

Rather I teach how to use Intentional Creativity as a tool to help you navigate your process while staying on track with The OTM Map, so that you can reach your goals without getting burned out.

The truth is – at least for me – that while intentional creativity is a great tool to help you break though in areas of your life where you may feel stuck, you still need a plan and a structure, so that you know your next step.

That is why I have created the OTM Map – to help support you in staying on Track.

OTM = On Track Mastery.

Join me now and get the “Get Your Success On Track Now” online course, so that I can help you reach your goals and feel great.

What ever your goal is, be that writing your first book, do your first speaking engagement the OTM Map will help you stay on track, and manage your energy, so that your have the fuel to make your goal a reality.






Self Care – OTM Success Principle # 1

If you are new to the OTM Map™ and my work you may be thinking:

“Why should I join “Get Your Success On Track Now” – which promises to teach me how to use the OTM Map™ and its 5 success principles to get the results that I want?

I don’t even know what this course is about and I don’t know Michala, what is in it for me?”

Great question, thank you for asking.


What I will say is this:

You of course don’t’ have to join “Get Your Success On Track NOW”, even though it’s almost a give away at the price of only USD 47 for the next 3 days, especially since you get a 45 minutes bonus strategy session at the value of USD 197,- included in the course.

But if you often feel overwhelmed and am experiencing a lot of stress then I REALLY would encourage you to jump onboard and take advantage of this one time offer and this is why:

  1. What other project management tool has your well-being, as the foundational piece to planning your success?
  2. What other project management tool teaches you how to use your creativity to plan your work in a fun and engaging way?
  3. What other project management tool teaches  you how to manage your energy and emotions, so that get to feel energized and avoid feeling overwhelmed and stress?

While there may be other project management tools that teaches you this, so far I haven’t personally found them, which is exactly why I developed the OTM Map™, which organically grew out of my own success management practices.

Jump onboard today, so that you get to learn how to use the OTM Map™ to get the results that you want, without feeling overwhelmed and stressed about it all.

As a bonus, like said, you also get a 45 minutes OTM strategy session with me.

If this offer calls out to you, you get the opportunity to use your OTM strategy session to plan a daily self care routine, which will help you feel energized and inspired, so that you can take the next step and get the results that you want.


Get energized by the OTM Map

Good News for the entrepreneurial women!

Do you have 1000 brilliant ideas but you feel so overwhelmed by it all that you simply don’t know where to begin?

I can relate, which is exactly why I created the OTM Map…

The OTM Map will provide for you a whole brain based project planning map, so that you will gain the clarity, focus and energy that you need.


By using the OTM Map you will be able to identify your next step.

Watch out for the “Get Your Success On Track NOW” online course, which will show you how to use the OTM Map to navigate the feeling of overwhelm and confusion and instead get the results that you want.

Exciting bonuses available on launch date October 19, 2017, stay tuned! 

Intentional Creativity







So happy to be able to offer Intentional Creativity from my home studio.

Intentional Creativity is all about using your creativity to set intentions that will help empower your authentic, personal leadership.

I offer “Drop-in” session, workshops as well as year-long online programs.

Stay tuned for my upcoming offerings

Delicious December – The Perfect Time for Goal and Vision setting!

December doesn’t have to be all about wrapping the last couple of Christmas presents, or having friends over for a glass of spicy Mülled wine for a cosy time in front of the fireplace.

To me december is especiallly delicious BECAUSE this is the perfect time to start creating a compelling vision for 2015.

This is the time to design what you want for 2015 …


And I am hoping that I can inspire you to have it be something that you look forward to rather than those not so exciting “new years resolutions” that may be honorable enough but quite often way too superficial to have a real and lasting impact on your life.

So I confess; I’m a goal & vision setting junkie – I absolutely love goal and vision setting!

My first goal setting / vision procedure was way back in 1997 and quite simple.

I asked myself only 2 questions: “What do I want more of and what do I want less of?” 

As simple as these questions may sound I don’t think they will ever go out of fashion.

Even one, simple question like that could change your life for the more positive; that is of course if you take your desires to heart and take appropriate actions towards it.

Although many of the themes remain universal such as for example: relationships, love, generating income – maybe even start a business of your own, or writing “that” book (you know what I am talking about) –  we can thankfully always improve.

My own goal setting routine has certainly developed over the years.

I now hand write everything into an art journal and illustrate it with the use of lots of illustrations and this is a process that is taking place all through “Delicious December”. 

While this may not be for you, I will provide you with a few tips as how to get started:

  1. Schedule time for your goal and vision setting. Goal and vision setting is no small stuff. This is about YOUR life and making plans that will have you wake up happy every morning because you have a clear vision to follow. This takes time. Take out your calendar, grab a pen and schedule some time for it.
  2. Have fun with it. Goal and vision setting can be highly individualized depending on what works for you. If you are more of a visual type you may want to create any of the following: A painting, a collage, a Power Point show or a combination of words and picture. Color coding is also a great way to make your vision more clear.

If these first couple of tips got you curious I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter and you will get the last 4 tips that will help you make your vision for 2015 compelling & juicy!

If you would like me to support you in creating a compelling vision for 2015 I am here to help you in what ever way best suits you –  be that visual goal setting which may take you on a soul’s journey, or simply creating some targetable goals for 2015 – I will be very happy to support you with that.

Click here if you want to have a complimentary talk with me about your vision for 2015.

I will draw from my tools box of personal goal setting since 1997, many great coaching tools, as well as art journaling – and I also provide you with great strategies & concrete tools for actually implementing your goals, so that you will be able to stay on track with your vision.

Visual Vision 2014

Have you ever thought about color coding, or drawing your vision and goals for 2014?

If so, I can help you.

I have worked with goal setting for the last 16 years in so many different ways and have developed some highly innovative and effective methods that will support you in making 2014 your best year yet.

What I have learned so far is:

1) Setting goals and having a tried and tested follow-up system is key to success.

2) Drawing your visions and goals is a most  powerful tool, and it does not exclude other methods.

3) Having someone who witness your process and calls you forth makes all the difference – you will create much greater results when you have a mentor.

Visual goal setting will ROCK your world.

Have no fear. Visual goal setting is NOT about winning a prize for the best painting.

First of all, no-one but YOU can paint, or draw, YOUR goals for you – there really is no competition. Secondly, drawing will help bring forth that which cannot be revealed by the analytical mind alone.

The best part about this process is that you get to create your vision by using both pictures and words, or symbols and colors. One method does not necessarily rule out the other. You will be truly amazed at the results, even if you are “color-phobic”.

Click here, if you would like me to help you do a powerful “VISION 2014”.

I will lead you through a safe and fun process of revealing your goals – even if you think you don’t have any goals, or are unclear about your vision. I promise you that doing this process will ROCK your world like no ordinary goal setting method ever has.

Although most people create their vision in the beginning of each year, it is important to remember that this is a process you can start at any time during the year. I have a great tool box which will help customize what ever YOU need to help make YOUR vision a reality.

Not everyone is the same. I can help you unlock YOUR own individual potential.

Click here, if you would like me to help you do a powerful “VISION 2014”.