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“Michala has done an amazing job of capturing the wisdom of many masters. Read this book now and you will already be on your way to breaking one of the major dream killer patterns.” Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University


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What people say about “Procrastination – 15 Strategies To Overcome Procrastination Today!”:

“If you struggle with procrastination (and who doesn’t?) you will be relieved and delighted by the variety of effective strategies Michala Storm describes in her book. What captured my interest is that this is not a ”one size fits all” approach to solving this sticky problem.

Michala offers 15 different strategies and encourages readers to experiment with them to find those that prove most effective for them. Your choices will be influenced by whether you resonate more with creative or analytical processes and by your specific situation.

 I’m finding the ”Energy Management” especially helpful right now.

Her book shifts the mindset of tackling procrastination from painful struggle to a rewarding challenge!” Rose Muenker, writing coach and author,

”I love how Michala Storm talks about energy! Her tips are vitally important, easy to follow and bring an instant increase in feeling great. I especially needed her reminders about budgeting my energy since I raise 4 kids as a single mom! Thanks Michala!” Diana Dentinger, Founder Woman of Meaning Gatherings, www.DianaDentinger.Com

“In her book, Michala calls attention to many forms of procrastination that we may not recognize as procrastination at all. Her recommendations for achieving more love and joy in marital, social, and work relationships is worth the price of admission. Do the exercises, follow the suggestions, and celebrate the additional joy and ease you will have brought to your life and the lives of those you impact.” Laurel Gaumer

“Michala’s e-book was exactly the impetus I needed – at exactly the right time – to get going on a book project I’ve had on the shelf for years now. Reading her e-book gave me wonderful, easy tools to work with and to think through my reasons for procrastinating. 

Michala is a very accessible and fun-to-read writer. The style is easy and light, but the work can be deep and life-changing. Another very appealing thing about this book is that you come in contact with Michala’s lovely generous soul. After sharing with the reader her own 15 great tips, she then includes interviews with four others adding their tips, too.  I loved the many different ideas to choose from. Thank you, Michala, for helping me get up and get going.” Allison Brewster,

“Michala Storm has hit on something that everyone is affected by whether it be in their job, relationships or everyday life…procrastination. We all do it, we all hate it, but most of us just don’t know how to stop doing it! Michala offers wonderful insight into why we procrastinate and takes it a step further by providing incredibly useful tips and techniques on how to overcome it. As a life coach and a speaker myself, this is best advice I’ve seen yet on how to move past putting things off and start taking action to create the life of your dreams. After reading this book, I made the decision to start my own dream team and broadcast my goals!”  Dr. Diane Hindman,

”I love how Michala Storm talks about energy! Her tips are vitally important, easy to follow and bring an instant increase in feeling great. I especially needed her reminders about budgeting my energy since I raise 4 kids as a single mom! Thanks Michala!”Diana Dentinger, Founder Woman of Meaning Gatherings, Editor of the Inner Peace Parenting Magazine, www.DianaDentinger.Com

“As a Certified Dream Coach who fully understands the ‘process’ of how to make all one’s life dreams come true, I am inspired by Michala’s very clear and thoughtful view of procrastination and how all of us can be motivated to do and be more. It is our own frustrations that cause us to believe we procrastinate. I surely carry my own with me. Yet, her fabulous examples make me very mindful of my own humanness and this insane self-imposed pressure. Her process is SO accomplishable. The book is SO clear and thoughtful and procrastination becomes conquerable. Kudos!”  Lois Hobart – Chicago’s Dream Coach, Reflective Beings,, Chicago IL, USA

“If you ever want to understand the nature of your procrastination and be honest about how it affects your life quality – this IS the book to read.During the short time I read this book I – among other things – finished a little scrapbook project for my 3½-year-old daughter, which I had been put up for 1½ year. We all laugh a bit on the subject of Procrastination – because most of us do them all the time. But how often do we take a good long look at the real costs of procrastinating? Some books will simply change your life – this is one of them!” Sophie Hovdekorp, CEO, Lets Play Future,

“During the weekend that I read her e-book, I somehow also tidied up my home office, piled up a stack of old books to give away and threw out old newspaper clippings and notes. And I managed to delete an over cluttered e-mail box. Thank you, Michala!” Marian C. Prestage, Author, Communicator and Editor,