Art Journaling

As a supplement to my upcoming seven week long course ,”Time To Fly – Create Your NEW Story With the OTM Map”, I offer follow up, individual art journaling sessions to help you move forward with your art journaling process.






Artjournaling session

  • Intake – clarifying your intention
  • 45 minutes minutes skype session with me
  • OTM Map tools and tips
  • Follow up e-mail
  • Group support

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About art journaling

I have been an avid journal writer ever since I could hold a pen and paper and consider journaling – in what ever form it takes – to be an incredible simple and sane keeping practice.

Why do art journaling?

  1. You get to self-express through creativity
  2. You will identify the red thread that is weaving through your life
  3. You get to feel good

Not only will art journaling help you underSTAND yourself a lot better, it will  also help you move forward and create new story by the use of the many creative approaches to journaling.

Ultimately, you will find your own unique way.