As an optional part of the “Drop-in-Days” I offer to teach you how to use essential oils to enhance your energy level and well-being. Now, you may be thinking that it’s a bit strange to offer aromatherapy in conjunction with authentic leadership.

Why use essential oils?

But  as I am a firm believer that your well-being and energy-level is key to your ability to step into full authentic leadership, I am offering aromatic “Drop-in-Days” because I know that essential oils will help boost your immune system, as well as your emotional well-being.

What qualifies me to teach you about essential oils?

I have a unique background in aromatherapy. I traded essential oils from 1995-2000 and sold my own product range, micAROMA, to the well-ness industry – I taught practitioners how to use essential oils and was a sought after workshop leader.

Picture of me back in late 90ties presenting micAroma, my product range of essential oils at an exhibition for holistic practioners

I am also the author of the best-selling book, “Learn to practice aromatherapy” (sold out, 2,000 copies).

I myself use essential oils everyday, it has become second nature and I would love to teach you how you can use essential oils too so that you get to experience just how powerful essential oils are in helping you boost your well-ness level.

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Examples of Drop-In-Aromatic Days with Michala

  • Introduction to essential oils: We cover the basics, you will learn how to blend essential oils for well-being and make immune boosting massage oils for every day use. I also introduce you to the various ways to use essential oils, as well as safety rules. You also get to enjoy an aromatic foot bath or hand massage.
  • Essential oils for emotional well-being: Based upon your individual challenges, I will taylor-blend essential oils to help boost your emotional well-being. I will teach you how to use use these aromatic blend on an everyday basis to help you feel energized
  • Taylor made workshops – bring a friend – creativity & essential oils: If you are curious about how to use essential oils as well as creativity to boost your well-being and feel energized, you are welcome to bring a friend and I will taylor make a mini-workshop for you, introducing you be creative with essential oils (this workshop-day can also be combined with working in my studio with intentional creativity).

I provide organically, homemade food for all of the Drop-In-Aromatic Days and you will walk away with essential blends for home use

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